Church Camping

Our annual church campout at Potato Creek State Park in North Liberty, IN takes place during the last weekend in July. This is something that has become a staple of our church during the summer and something everyone looks forward to. We have been doing this every year since 2000.

The first year, was one that left more to be desired. However, one person decided to take over the reigns as the organizer of the campout and that person was Nancy Cramer. She made sure that all the sites were reserved and everyone had the information they needed to get into the park. She did this until 2011 when she was called home by the Lord and her husband Rick Cramer took over this role until 2016. That is when Joe and Kelly Stanley took over and they have done an excellent job.

Usually, most people arrive on Thursday and stay until Monday. Here is a brief breakdown of the weekend. Thursday is a set up day for most people. Friday is also a set up day for those who chose not to come out Thursday. On Saturday we have fun! We have a pot luck in the evening which is followed up with a cornhole tournament. Sunday morning we breakfast and a church service. Then Sunday night, we have another pot luck. If you don’t feel like camping, that is okay. Come on out and join us during the day or for any of the pot lucks we have.

We also give out an award for the best moment during the week and that award is called “The Nancy.” This award is a way to honor Nancy Cramer and her commitment to organizing this event for 11 years. There have been some funny things that have happened since this award has been given out from Steve Cox being pulled over by the DNR, Larry Hough playing Red Rover, Kenny Cramer calling the cops, to Rick Cramer grabbing a fan in mid air while playing euchre. The memories and friendships made out at the campground truly last a lifetime.

Want to come with us next year? Signups begin in December. Don’t miss out!

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