Brothers In Christ or commonly referred to as B.I.C is a group for young men 11 and up to build their faith in Christ and build meaningful and long lasting relationships. We meet every other Saturday at the Worship Center (1375 Maple Rd) from 5:30pm-8pm.


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Matthew Partridge: (574) 210-6218

Kenny Cramer: (574) 334-1661

Josiah Nellans: (574) 952-6278

Nick Sherk: (574) 334-6459

Aiden Ottman: (574) 222-8756

Noah Kuskye: (574) 276-2897




More information regarding when and where we are meeting can be found on our Facebook page. We also have a brochure that covers what we will be doing for each day we are meeting. Any changes will be posted on the Facebook page as well as announcements give during church service. Feel free to contact one of the B.I.C leaders if you have any questions, concerns, or positive feedback.

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